Jacqueline Kientsch

jacqueline kientsch

Jacqueline Kientsch

Room: Y13-K-76

Phone: +41 44 635 48 33







“Always ready for new challenges in sports, music or in the lab”



Jacqueline was born in Unterägeri, Switzerland. She did her BSc degree in biomedicine at the University of Zurich and then pursued her biomedical MSc degree in Stephan Neuhauss Lab investigating the retinal metabolic landscape. Fascinated by modeling retinal metabolism, she will further investigate metabolic interactions in the retina during her PhD.

Besides science, Jacqueline enjoys climbing, martial arts, running, as well as playing the cello and the piano in her free time. 



2018 - 2021: B.Sc. degree in Biomedicine, University of Zurich

Current: M.Sc student in Stephan Neuhauss’ lab, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich


Research interests: 


·         Retinal Metabolism 

·         Lactate Dynamics in Retinal Metabolic Landscape

·         Metabolic Disease Modeling

·         Genetic Engineering

·         Photoreceptor Homeostasis and Degeneration