Hosted labs


Electrophysiology Facility e-Phac

The facility is integrated into our laboratory space in Y13K52.

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It all started with a meeting of Professors Johannes Loffing (Institute of Anatomy), Felix Beuschlein (Clinic of Endocrinology), and Stephan Neuhauss (Department of Molecular Life Scienes) about some years ago.

Now the facility, with the charming acronym e-Phac,  is headed by Dr. David Penton Ribas.



MEDGEN, Bachmann Group

We host the Bachmann Group in our lab.


They are a part of the Institute of Medical Genetics. The Bachmann Group has as well office and labspace in Schlieren.

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EraCal Therapeutics


The biotech-company EraCal Therapeutics Ltd. is a spin-off from the University of Zurich and Harvard University.

We partly host them in our lab and fish-facililty.


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