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Department of Molecular Life Sciences Neuhauss group

Open positions

Master student

we have open positions! 

master thesis opportunity RaSMID project (PDF, 232 KB)

This thesis project offers a comprehensive learning experience in cutting-edge cancer research methodologies and the application of zebrafish models for biomedical research. Join us in advancing the field of pediatric cancer treatment.


Master Thesis project in visual pigment recyling (PDF, 842 KB)

Investigate how the cone dominant zebrafish retina recycles the 11cisRAL in different light conditions.
Interfere with the recycling machinery to understand cone photoreceptor demand in chromophore, using our mutant lines. Apply the field knowledge for retinal degeneration prevention/treatment using our zebrafish model for inherited retinal disorders.


PhD Postions

we recruit PhD students through the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. 

If you have a strong interest in our work, please contact Prof. Stephan Neuhauss

Postdoc position

we have currently no open positions.

But if you have a strong interest in our lab,  please contact Prof. Stephan Neuhauss.