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Department of Molecular Life Sciences Pelkmans group


We are a multi-disciplinary research group, consisting of staff, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, and Master’s students from different backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, computer science, bioinformatics, biochemistry, cell biology, virology, systems biology, and biomedicine. Our research aims at conceptual problems and poorly understood phenomena and mechanisms by which biological scales are crossed, from single molecules to tissues. Please find more information at


crossing scales

Crossing scales

In biology, many properties that are apparent at one scale cannot be reduced to properties of lower-scale components, yet they are determined by them.


Phase separation

Phase separation

Solution chemistry does not apply to cells, in which everything is inhomogeneous, crowded, out-of-equilibrium, and unmixed.


Single-Cell Biology

Single-Cell Biology

Heterogeneity reflects the capacity of cell collectives to encode large amounts of information for accurate variegated context-aware decision making.