Alphabetical Listing


Names Email Research Field Website Link
Aebi,Markus email Microbial Glycobiology group_website
Aegerter, Christof


Disordered and Biological Soft Matter group_website
Aguzzi,Adriano email Prion Diseases group_website
Allain,Frédéric email Protein - RNA Complexes group_website
Altmeyer,Matthias email Mechanisms Guarding Against Genome Instability group_website
Bachmann-Gagescu,Ruxandra email Genetics and Molecular pathogenesis of Ciliopathies group_website
Bar-Nur, Ori email Regenerative and Movement Biology


Barral,Yves email Coordination of Cytoskeletal Events during Mitosis


Basler,Konrad email Signalling Pathways in Development group_website
Baubec,Tuncay email Epigenomics and chromatin biology group_website
Baudis,Michael email Bioinformatics / Theoretical Cytogenetics and Oncogenomics group_website
Baumgartner,Martin email Neuro-Oncology group_website
Becher,Burkhard email Neuro- and Tumorimmunology group_website
Beer,Dietmar email Keratinocytes as Part of the Innate Immune System group_website
Bodenmiller,Bernd email Quantitative Biology group_website
Böttger,Erik email Group Erik Böttger group_website
Brown,Steven email Chronobiology and Sleep Research group_website
Brunner,Damian email Cell diversity: The Generation of Specific Cellular Architecture group_website
Brunner,Erich email Quantitative Model Organism Proteomics group_website
Ciaudo,Constance email RNAi and Genome Integrity group_website
Cinelli,Paolo email Embryonic Stem Cells and Molecular Genetics group_website
Corn,Jacob email Genome Biology group_website
Csucs,Gabor email Group Csucs group_website
Dechant,Reinhart email Mechanisms of nutrient sensing group_website



email Pharmacogenomics group_website


Names Email Research Field Website Link
Ewald,Collin email Extracellular Matrix Regeneration group_website
Freisinger,Eva email Bioinorganic and Biological Chemistry group_website
Gilmour,Darren email Collective Cell Biology of Organ Self-Assembly group_website
Glockshuber,Rudi email Protein folding and assembly group_website
Gloor,Sergio email   group_website
Greber,Urs email Passwords, Signals and Traffic in Virus group_website
Grossniklaus,Ueli email Plant Development Genetics group_website
Hafen,Ernst email Mechanisms of Cell - Cell Communication in Cell and Tissue Growth group_website
Hajnal,Alex email Signal transduction in Caenorhabditis elegans group_website
Halin Winter,Cornelia email Pharmaceutical Immunology group_website
Hemmi,Silvio email Adenovirus vectors for cancer gene therapy group_website
Hottiger,Michael email Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Inflammation group_website



Names Email Research Field Website Link
Jelezarov,Ilian email   web_site
Jessberger,Sebastian email Neural Plasticity web_site
Jinek,Martin email Structural Biology of Protein RNA web_site
Jonas,Stefanie email RNP assembly machineries web_site
Karayannis,Theofanis email Neural Circuit Assembly web_site
Koumoutsakos,Petros email Multiscale Particle Methods and Derandomized Optimization Algorithms web_site
Kroschewski,Ruth email Mechanisms of Cellular Diversity web_site
Kutay,Ulrike email Nuclear Structure, Function and Dynamics web_site
Lehner,Christian email Cell Cycle, Cell Divisions web_site
Lienkamp,Soeren email

Renal Development and Reprogramming


Luedtke,Nathan email Biological Chemistry, Heterocycles, and Biophysics web_site



Names Email Reseach Field Website Link
Mateescu ,Bogdan email Cell Biology of RNA in Mammals n/a
Matos,Joao email DNA Repair for Genome Stability and Haploidisation group_website
Medalia,Ohad email Structural Studies of Eukaryotic Cells and Organelles group_website
Mitsiadis,Thimios email Facial and Tooth Development group_website
Mosimann,Christian email Cell Fate Control in Vertebrate Development group_website
Müller,Daniel email Biophysics Group group_website
Müller,Martin email Control of Synaptic Function group_website
Münz,Christian email Viral Immunobiology group_website
Neuhauss,Stephan email Vertebrate Visual System Function group_website
Panse,Vikram email Ribosome Assembly Transport & Quality Control group_website
Paro,Renato email Epigenomics Group group_website
Pelkmans,Lucas email Image Based Systems Biology group_website
Penengo, Lorenza email Ubiquitin Control of Genome Stability


Peter,Matthias email Regulation of Cell Growth and Division by Selective Degradation Mechanisms group_website
Picotti,Paola email Unravelling Functional and Pathological Protein Aggregation in Cells group_website
Plueckthun,Andreas email Engineering and Directed Evolution of Proteins group_website
Polymenidou,Magdalini email Molecular Pathogenesis of Neurodegeneration group_website



Name Email Research Field Website Link
Santoro,Raffaella email Epigenetics and Chromatin Dynamics in Cancer group_website
Sauer,Uwe email Metabolic Flux Analysis group_website
Schwank,Gerald email Stem Cell Biology and Disease Modeling group_website
Seeger,Markus email   group_website
Sendoel, Ataman email

Gene expression regulation in health and disease


Shimizu,Kentaro email Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics group_website
Sommer,Lukas email Stem Cell Biology group_website
Stockmann,Christian email Immunity, Angiogenesis and Tissue Remodeling group_website
Stoeckli,Esther email Development of the Vertebrate Central Nervous System group_website
Sturla,Shana email Laboratory of Food & Nutrition Toxicology group_website



Name Email Research Field Website Link
Ulbrich,Susanna email Animal Physiology group_website
Urwyler,Olivier email    
Verdeguer,Francisco email Metabolism Regulated Epigenetics group_website
Voinnet,Olivier email RNA Biology group_website
von Mering,Christian email Bioinformatics/ Systems Biology group_website
Vorholt,Julia email Microbial Physiology group_website
Wagner,Andreas email Molecular Evolution and Evolutionary Systems Biology group_website
Weber-Ban,Eilika email Chaperone-Protease Complexes group_website
Weis,Karsten email Nuclear Organization group_website
Werner,Sabine email Tissue Repair and Cancer group_website
Wolfrum,Christian email Laboratory of Translational Nutrition Biology group_website
Wollscheid,Bernd email NCCR Neuro Center for Proteomics group_website
Wong,W. Wei-Lynn email Cell Death and Regulation of Inflammation group_website
Wutz,Anton email Epigenetic Regulation and Cell Identity Control group_website
Zerbe,Oliver email NMR Spectroscopy and Biochemistry of Proteins group_website
Zwicky,Monica email Sex and Germ Cell Development group_website